It’s Justin Bieber’s #NSNWeekend! And Teen.com Has Got You Covered

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Ya know what today is? It’s Friday, Friday, getting down on Friday. But also, it’s the start of #NSNWeekend, aka the day that Justin Bieber‘s Never Say Never comes out on DVD. So instead of going out this weekend, we’re curling up on our couch with the Biebs for a solid 48 hours straight. No judgment, please.

And in honor of this momentous occasion, we wanted to give you Beliebers a reminder of everything we’ve got on NSN here on Teen.com. And, trust us, there’s tons….

So make sure to check out 5 reasons to see Never Say Never, Justin’s red carpet style while promoting the movie, hot pics of Justin (he’s shirtless!), an exclusive clip from the movie, and tons more right here!

Are you picking up a copy of Never Say Never? Are you doing anything to celebrate #nsnweekend? Tell us in the comments, Beliebers!