9 Contouring Hacks That’ll Make Your Nose Look Smaller w/o Plastic Surgery

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You can use makeup to change the appearance of many parts of your body. A little bronzer in the hollows of your cheeks will make it seem like you have cheekbones that rival Kim Kardashian‘s. Creating fake cleavage using makeup is a trick that many celebrities use, even though it occasionally backfires. Another part of your body you can dramatically alter without ever going under the knife? Your nose.

While there’s obviously nothing wrong with getting a rhinoplasty, plastic surgery isn’t something that’s for everyone. If you want to change the look of your nose but aren’t interesting in having a major operation, these contouring hacks will be your saviors:

1. Contouring your nose may seem intimidating, but it really just takes four easy steps:

2. That being said, you CAN do it wrong. Here’s a common mistake many people make when it come to nose contour:

3. Just like with face shapes, every nose needs a different style of contouring. Here are the common concerns people have and how you can address them:

4. Find the nose that’s most similar to yours and then see how you should be contouring it:

5. If needed, you can cut a piece of paper to help you keep your lines straight.

6. It’s also important that your contour lines are thin — if they’re not, your nose will just end up looking wider.

7. Adding shimmery highlighter to the bridge of your nose is another great way to emphasize your new contoured shape:

8. Don’t have contouring products? You can achieve a contoured nose with a matte bronzer, fluffy eyeshadow brush and concealer.

9. If you’re going to use powder, make sure it’s a cool-tone brown — this best resembles a natural shadow.



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