Normani Reveals She’s Going Back to Her Roots for Her Solo Album

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Normani has been slaying the pop-music game since she started her musical career with Fifth Harmony. In fact, she’s even been getting comparisons to the one and only Queen Bey! Pretty flattering compliment, right?

Well, even though people have been praising the songstress left and right, Mani recently admitted that she wants to earn her spot in the pop world. In an interview with The Fader, she said “It’s flattering, but I definitely have room to grow and improve…I want to work for my spot. It’s not fair that I’m the ‘next Beyoncé‘ just yet. But I hope to become that.” That’s pretty humble of her!

But how exactly does Normani plan on earning her spot fair and square? By going straight to work. The “Love Lies” singer chose to write and record her solo album in her hometown of New Orleans for a very special reason. While speaking with L’Officiel, Normani said, “The most important thing about coming out with this debut album is just representation and making sure that people get a sense of the city that I grew up in, New Orleans. It made me and shaped me into the woman that I’ve become, morally, and my family is from here. This is really where my roots stem from and I am everything that the city makes up, so I definitely wouldn’t have chosen any other place to record.”

Mani also shared that the sounds she wants to incorporate are heavily influenced by the city. Doesn’t that sound SO amazing?! Oh, and did we mention, she flew the songwriters and producers down to New Orleans too? As if this album couldn’t sound cooler, Mani also revealed she has a schedule full of artists she’ll be working with saying. “I’m supposed to work with Missy Elliott really soon,” Normani revealed. “Which I’ll go to Atlanta to do.” Other artists on the list include London on Da Track, The-Dream and many more!

As for the material on her highly anticipated solo debut album, Normani doesn’t want to hide her roots. “My Mom was raised in the same house in New Orleans that I was raised in as a little girl,” she said. “I want to shed light on my truth.” Girl, and we are SO ready to listen to your truth.