Normani Kordei Signs Another Solo Deal, Sparking More 5H Split Rumors

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Normani Kordei Hamilton just signed yet ANOTHER solo deal, and as happy as we are for her, fans can’t help but wonder — does this mean there’s a possible “indefinite hiatus” in Fifth Harmony‘s future?

Many months after Mani signed a solo management deal with S10 Entertainment, it was recently revealed that she made yet another deal that has to do with her own music career. It was announced a few days ago that the 21-year-old officially signed with Stellar Songs — the publishing company that Sam Smith is signed to, by the way — as a songwriter.

As exciting as this deal is for Normani, it naturally has fans worrying about 5H’s future, especially because it comes shortly after it was revealed that Lauren Jauregui is reportedly moving to Columbia from Epic Records to release a solo album. However, according to an interview Laur had with Forbes back in December, there’s not really much to be worried about!

LH explained to the mag, “We’re all in a space right now where we are giving each other the space to explore ourselves and be honest with each other and open with each other about what we’re doing. Obviously, Fifth Harmony is the number one priority for all of us, and we have a single out now called ‘Por Favor’ and you know there’s a lot of stuff coming up.”

So there you have it. With members of 5H signing solo deals left and right, Harmonizers have every right to feel a teeny bit nervous about what the future holds for their favorite girl group. But at the same time, as long as the girls keep assuring us that Fifth Harmony is their priority, there’s no reason to panic. It’s also probably best for the girls to be able to do their own thing while still being in the group, because it’ll likely prevent them from quickly burning out and inevitably taking their own “indefinite hiatus.” (Yes, 1D guys, we’re side-eyeing you right now.)