Normani Kordei Takes a Tumble on Stage, But Makes an Incredible Recovery

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Falling on stage in front of thousands of people will leave a person feeling a little embarrassed… but not Normani Kordei. In fact, the songstress is pretty much the definition of a certified professional.

During Fifth Harmony‘s performance of “Make You Mad” in Brazil on October 12, Normani was just strutting her stuff on stage in some pretty sky-high heels before she took a spill in front of THOUSANDS of fans. But, before you start to feel bad for her, it didn’t seem like Mani hurt herself too bad because she seriously recovered from that wild fall like a total boss:

This isn’t the first time Normani fell on stage in front tons of people. Earlier this year, when the girl group appeared on Good Morning America, Normani went down — on NATIONAL TELEVISION — during Fifth Harmony’s “Down” performance and she made it look like it was all part of the routine. At this point, it just honestly feels like Normani falls on purpose just to let us all know that she’s the best of the best.

After the video of the fall went viral, Dinah Jane‘s dad, Gordon Hansen, tweeted at his daughter’s bandmate, “Shook it off like ‘ain’t worried bout nothing.’ Normani, you a straight G.” To which Normani replied with “Love you. You already know. It’s hard out in these streets while trying to do it gracefully in heels. Miss you and the fam.” Normani, you honestly worked that better than most people on this world could.

Maybe after this tumble, her stylist or team could find a way to prevent this from happening again? Surely there’s something someone can do to help Normani from tripping and falling on stage in the future!