7 Great Guys Who Won Over Normani Kordei’s Heart in the Past

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So it’s finally happened. Even though Camila Cabello was the first of the Fifth Harmony members to leave the group and do her own thang, Normani Kordei is now the next to sign a solo deal. While that doesn’t necessarily mean she’s leaving the girl group (yet), we’re so excited for her new projects. Seeing her reach the top three on Season 24 of Dancing with the Stars was one thing, but getting to listen to her new Khalid collab on the radio is quite another.

Even though her solo career is flourishing, Normani definitely isn’t flying solo when it comes to her dating life. Rumors about her alleged boyfriends have been circulating since she competed on The X Factor in 2012 and they haven’t stopped since. From fellow musicians to dancing co-stars, we don’t know if she officially dated all of them, but we do know one thing. Normani’s got great taste — and any of these guys would be lucky to be with her: