10 Struggles All NON-Girly Girls Face

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It’s weird when you’re the exact opposite of how most people assume girls are. You don’t really care about manicures or hair appointments and you never really have. Not that there’s anything wrong with caring about things like that; it’s just that it’s not your style. And, because you aren’t the girliest of girls, we’d bet money that these struggles are legit for you:

1. Being called a tomboy all of your life. Umm… okay.

2. Having your crush tell you that you’re like one of his bros. OUCH.

3. Having to wear a dress to an event. How do other girls do this?

4. Having to wear ~*hEeLs*~ to an event. “So, okay, you want me to walk on stilts… on purpose?”

5. Not relating to the lead in any rom-com ever. Where’s the rom-com where the couple falls in love while sitting on the couch playing FIFA?

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6. Explaining to your mom, for the hundredth time, that pink isn’t your favorite color. So much disappointment in her eyes each time.

7. Not knowing what to do with your hair apart from your trusty ponytail. But even that gets old sometimes.

8. Having a nice collection of bruises all over your body. From your various sporty endeavors.

9. Trying to convince people that Adidas slippers AND socks are appropriate footwear. “Don’t inflict your standards on my feet!”


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10. People assuming that you have no female friends. Are firefighters not allowed to have police friends just because they dress differently?

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