Disney’s Nolan Sotillo Dishes On Selena Gomez and Prom Co-Stars (Exclusive)

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We’re so excited for Prom (the movie, not the cheesy high school dance) that we can hardly stand it. We’re looking forward to the pretty dresses and the teen drama, but we’re most excited to see the cast of cute guys. One of the movie’s adorbs guys, Nolan Sotillo, sat down with us to talk slow dancing, star crushes, and Selena Gomez.

Teen.com: We can’t wait to see Prom next month! What do we need to know about your character?
Nolan Sotillo: I play Lucas. He’s a socially awkward kid. So as high school progresses I begin to like girls and want to start playing sports, and see where I’m going to fit into for the next two years. I end up falling into a love triangle.

Teen.com: What was it like on set with so many awesome young actors?
Nolan Sotillo: We all hang out. We’ll have game night, and we’ll go play board games at someone’s apartment and then another night we’ll go watch a movie and then we’ll go bowling, or then go celebrate someone’s birthday together at a restaurant.

Teen.com: Aimee Teegarden’s a pretty big deal. What was she like?
Nolan Sotillo: Well, I didn’t work with her on scene but I think she is amazing. She’s really nice and she really took everybody under her arms a little bit and guided us. Especially us less experienced.

Teen.com: If prom was tomorrow, who would you take?
Nolan Sotillo: Well I think it’s different every week. I met Victoria Justice once. She was so nice. I’ve always been a fan.

Teen.com: What’s the ultimate prom night slow dance song?
Nolan Sotillo: Iris [by the Goo Goo Dolls]. Then there’s “All My Life” by K-Ci and JoJo.

Teen.com: Your music is all over MySpace. What are the songs you can’t stop playing?
Nolan Sotillo: I went through a phase where all I would play was The Script, I played “Breakeven,” I played “Man that Can’t Be Moved” and that’s like all I played for a month or so. Then, recently I’ve been playing Bruno Mars, “Just the Way You Are” and “Grenade.”

What girl would you be most starstruck to meet?
Nolan Sotillo: Selena Gomez, probably, ’cause I grew up watching her show and this experience is like, I might become part of the Disney franchise, the face of Disney, and that’s kind of what I picture her as.

Teen.com: You just landed the Disney show Madison High — congrats! What are the shows you never miss?
Nolan Sotillo: I started watching Vampire Diaries. I watch a lot of Disney. I want to catch Hannah Montana Forever.