Noah Cyrus “Again” Song with Rapper XXXTentacion Sparks Controversy

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If you thought Miley Cyrus was the only controversial one in her family, think again because Noah Cyrus may have outdone her big sister. The singer just dropped a new song with controversial rapper XXXTentacion and their collaboration alone has caused quite an Internet stir.

Since the release of her single, “Again,” Noah has dropped the song’s music video counterpart, which fittingly takes place in a graveyard. However, singing around a bunch of tombstones isn’t the reason why the 17-year-old’s collaborated track is causing so much controversy; it’s because she collaborated with XXXTentacion, who is currently in the middle of a trial for sexual and physical abuse.

The rapper was released from prison back in March and is currently on probation after he was charged with home invasion and battery with a firearm to which he pled no contest. But more notably, he was arrested and charged with aggravated battery of a pregnant woman, domestic battery by strangulation and forced imprisonment from an incident with his girlfriend at the time, to which he pled not guilty.

The report from her camp stated that the “victim’s eyes [were] punched to where both eyes became shut and victim could not not see.” XXXTentacion took to his Instagram story two weeks ago to responded to the claims in such a graphic and heinous manner that we can’t even repeat.

So, all in all, when Noah announced her song featuring the rapper, fans were disappointed. One fan praised the song, but admitted they can’t support it because it features XXXTentacion:

Meanwhile, another theorized that whoever approved of this collaboration is working hard to ruin the young star’s career:

While it is extremely hard to believe that the young musician could have known about any of this, it’s quite possible that the 142 pages of XXXTentacion victim’s testimony weren’t released at the time of recording the song.

In cases like these, it’s hard to know if Noah specifically wanted him to feature on her song, or if her record label simply matched the pair up. Either way, it’s safe to say that fans are not happy at all.