Noah Cyrus Wants You to Stop Calling Her Relationship with Lil Xan “Fake”

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It’s been about a week since we started to piece together that Noah Cyrus and Lil Xan are dating, and yet people still don’t seem to believe it. A lot actually think that the relationship is fake and for publicity, especially since they’re both signed to the same label, Columbia Records.

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Never being one to hold back, the 18-year-old “Stay Together” singer took to her Instagram Stories to politely ask that people stop questioning her motives with the 21-year-old rapper, saying that this is actually the “realist sh*t” she’s ever experienced. Here’s her note in full:

“for the past two years ive been going thru some really heavy mental sh*t. i meet someone and im happy. so we post a sh*t load cus we want people to see how happy we are. and thats wrong to u guys? i love yall and you guys are my ride or dies but the posts ive been seein sadden me that you think id lie to yall and fake something like this for ‘promo.’ i want you with me through everything. (including my relationships) i have and always will be your sad emo noie. but right now this is the happiest sad emo noie due to this man right here. so please stop saying its fake. cus this is the realist sh*t ive had.”

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Noah previously was in relationships with Frankie Jonas, Paris Brosnan and, most recently, her “Lately” duet partner, Tanner Alexander. But, considering that she’s been going through some “really heavy mental sh*t,” we really hope that she found her happiness with Lil Xan. All the best, Noie!