All the Major Movie & TV Roles Noah Centineo Tried and Failed to Land

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Noah Centineo has been everywhere lately. Between his roles as Peter Kavinsky in To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before and Jamey in Sierra Burgess Is a Loser and, ya know, his almost perfect face and personality, we don’t blame the world for suddenly becoming OB-SESSED.

That wasn’t always the case, though. While the 22-year-old actor took over the part of Jesus Adams Foster on The Fosters in 2015 after Jake T. Austin quit after Season 2 and appeared on a few Disney Channel shows like Jessie and Austin & Ally back in the day, he didn’t become a household name until his Netflix movies were released this year.

But it wasn’t for a lack of trying!! Just because Noah hasn’t been in a ton of major movie/TV projects doesn’t mean he hasn’t auditioned for a bunch. Unfortunately, he, like many other actors, had to deal with a bunch of denials before he finally got his big break. What other projects was the tall, dark and handsome man almost a part of? Keep scrolling!