All the Disney Channel Shows Noah Centineo Was on Back in the Day

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Before Noah Centineo became the King of Netflix thanks to his roles in To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before and Sierra Burgess Is a Loser, he was bouncing around a different network — Disney Channel. The 22-year-old fell into Hollywood accidentally, tagging along with his sister to an open casting call for a talent agency and then proceeding to audition himself, even though he wasn’t interested in acting at all up until that point.

He then started acting in commercials and eventually got his first role in the 2009 movie, The Gold Retrievers. His time working for Mickey Mouse didn’t come until 2011 when he played Dallas on Austin & Ally, but it was clear that Disney Channel executives saw potential in him and continued to cast him in various network projects.

Chances are you saw the tall, dark and handsome actor on a DC television series or two in the past, but you had no idea because he wasn’t Noah Centineo yet.