20 Raunchy Tweets Fans Sent Noah Centineo (a.k.a. Peter Kavinsky)

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Noah Centineo Dirty Tweets


If you’ve had the chance to sit down and watch Netflix’s latest teen romance flick, To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, you’re well aware of how hot Peter Kavinsky is. Well, the actor who plays the dreamboat is named Noah Centineo, and ever since we’ve seen the movie, we simply cannot stop thinking about him!

As it turns out, the Twitterverse is in total agreement. The 22-year-old’s good looks combined with Peter’s super-charming personality is enough to make our hearts melt. But, while most of us gush to our friends over what a bae he is, others are taking to social media to share their raunchiest thoughts. Ready to find out how people really feel about Noah? Scroll through the gallery!