All the Lucky Ladies Who’ve “Dated” Peter Kavinsky Noah Centineo

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Noah Centineo Dating Timeline


Even though we’ve watched To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before a million several times already, our hearts flutter over Noah Centineo every single time his character, Peter Kavinsky, graces our screens. That being said, our crushes on the actor have only gotten stronger with each passing day, and it doesn’t help to know that a few lucky ladies have actually gotten to date him IRL.

That’s right, fam! Over the course of his lifetime, the 22-year-old’s had at least a couple of girlfriends that we know of, and while some of his rumored relationships were just, well, rumors, they still count for something. Plus, maybe you can be next on his list! Sure, Noah did tell Daily Pop that he probably wouldn’t date a fan, but he also said that he wouldn’t “close any doors totally,” so you still have a shot!

For now, though, why don’t you check out our list of the lucky ladies who’ve been romantically linked to the Netflix star in the past? You know you want to!