Watch! OMG, NKOTBSB Perform in NYC! (Video)

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If we were in NYC yesterday at The Today Show to see NKOTBSB perform, it would’ve been insanity. We would’ve been fan-girl screaming, Bieber style, undoubtedly losing our voices and possibly a limb while trying to get a glimpse (and by glimpse we mean feel) of our fave boy-banders. OMG, they’re hot. And even though we didn’t make it out to the actual show, we’ve got this vid to watch instead and, honestly, it’s probably better this way. Now noone but our roommates can hear our shrieks and make fun of us. So what.

Ready to fan-girl scream, too? Click on to watch NKOTBSB’s epic live performance!

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What’d you think of their performance? Which boy band do you like better? Tell us below!