One of Your Favorite YouTube Stars Has an INCREDIBLY Hot New Bae

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Marcus Butler and Niomi Smart were together for about six years before they called it quits in December 2015. While the 24-year-old man found a new girlfriend about seven months later, the blonde beauty remained happily single for a little bit longer. Not anymore!

The 24-year-old recently spent a romantic weekend in Bath, England, with a new man, sparking rumors that she’s finally moved on from Marcus and got herself a new beau.

A photo posted by Niomi Smart (@niomismart) on

“On the roof of the Bath Abbey with a cup of hot mulled wine. Couldn’t be happier,” she captioned the cute picture.

The guy’s name is apparently Joe Woodward, a super-hottie who’s NOT a YouTuber. Even though you’d THINK many of Niomi’s fans would still be shipping Narcus, the comments on the pic tell a different story.

“If this is her new man she upgraded,” one Instagram user wrote.

“WOW she upgraded. he is fine as AFFF,” said another.

“Wow, talk about an upgrade! So happy for you, you have no idea,” a fan commented.

Niomi DOES look super happy and if Joe’s one of of the reasons for that, then we are totally on Team Jiomi. Hopefully the YouTuber will ~formally~ introduce us to her new bae soon!

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