Chloe King Premieres TONIGHT and Teen.com’s Got You Covered

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ABC Family

Your DVR is set, right? For tonight’s huge mega awesome series premiere of Nine Lives of Chloe King? Good. Because with hot love triangles and even hotter guys, ABC Family’s new show really is the must-watch show of the summer. And guess what? We’ve got everything you need — cast interviews, pics, must-know facts about the stars — before tonight’s big premiere.

So let’s get started, shall we?!

1. Get to know all the Chloe King characters – and get a sneak peek at the set! — in this exclusive interview with the cast!
2. And then, make sure you find out everything you need to know about Skyler Samuels with 10 must-know facts about the show’s leading lady right here!
3. And you know you wanna know about the hotties on the show too, right?! Or at least look at hot pics of them? We’ve got you covered.
4. Or if interviews with said hot guys is more your speed, find out what Grey Damon has to say about his character, Brian, his dream superpower and Twilight in this exclusive video!
5. And hot guys on TV always means love triangles, right? Check out our fave on-screen love triangles inspired by Chloe King!
6. And if you’re still not convinced, check out why Chloe King really is the new must-see summer show!

Chloe premieres tonight at 9pm on ABC Family! Will you watch? Think you’ll be hooked on this show after one ep? We wanna know below!