Nina Dobrev Just Got Real About Her Own Personal #MeToo Experiences

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Over the last year, we’ve proudly looked on as some of our favorite female celebrities came forward with their own personal stories of sexual harassment and assault. Collectively, their experiences have become a driving force of the #MeToo movement, which is all about taking strides towards making sure women are respected and treated as equals, both in and out of the workplace.

Although many women have already spoken out bravely about their own #MeToo experiences, women continue to share their stories every single day, and now we can add Nina Dobrev to the list! In the latest issue of Cosmopolitan, Nina briefly spoke about her own experience with sexual harassment, reminding people that it doesn’t only happen in Hollywood, but in all other professions, too.

Nina told the mag, “Like any woman in every industry, yes… comments have been made. People have said things that are inappropriate. I’ve been able to handle myself and speak up for the most part but I have seen a lot.”

Although she didn’t delve into much detail about what was said to her specifically, we give her a ton of credit for commenting on what she’s witnessed, as well as what she’s been through herself. Whenever a victim comes forward, it’s yet another reminder that although we’re not where we once were, we still have long ways to go in our fight for equality. Way to go, Nina!