Nina Dobrev and Paul Wesley Met Up for a Mini Vampire Diaries Reunion

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Calling all The Vampire Diaries fans! Our hearts are seriously going to burst because Elena Gilbert and Stefan Salvatore got back together today, well, kind of.

Nina Dobrev posted a picture with Paul Wesley and suddenly we feel the need to re-watch The Vampire Diaries from start to finish. The two parted ways originally when Nina left the show after the sixth season, but thankfully she made a triumphant return for the series finale.

Ever since the show ended in 2017, we have been trying to find ways to fill the TVD size whole in our hearts. Although we have an exciting new spin-off to look forward to because The Originals is coming to an end, nothing has really been able to replace the OG series.

Two of the biggest stars from the show reunited this morning and their sweet captions seriously have us in our Stelena feels. The Flatliners star post the pic on both Instagram and Twitter and you have to see it to believe it.

BRB, we’re dying of cuteness overload because of “xcuse me sir, you look familiar. I feel like we’ve met before. Maybe in a past life?”