Get a Load of Nikki Reed & Nina Dobrev’s $20 Thousand Selfie

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Twitter (@ninadobrev)

Twitter (@ninadobrev)

Leave it to two of the hottest female vampires around to find the most persuasive way to encourage others to sign up for healthcare. In a new PSA, Nikki Reed (Twilight) and Nina Dobrev (The Vampire Diaries) team up to remind the public that the deadline for enrolling in affordable healthcare is coming up soon, and they found the perfect means to let the younger generations know how serious it is — by using selfies as an example.

In the 2-minute video, the twosome demonstrates what could potentially happen to anyone, plus the costs that could rack up, if one gets injured and isn’t covered by insurance. For instance, all Nikki and Nina try to do is take a selfie on the sidewalk, but take an accidental tumble. This leads to a pricey hospital bill of $20 thousand. That’s nuts!

The caption: “Don’t let a $100 night out with your friends cost you $20,000. The deadline to sign up for affordable health care is March 31st! If you miss that deadline, you can’t sign up until January 2015. So, don’t be a fool on April Fool’s Day….go to www.healthcare.gov to find the health plan that’s right for you. #GetCovered.” For more, watch Nikki & Nina in the video here:

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