Morning Announcements: What Vampire Diaries Stars Are Hooking Up — Offscreen?!

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Could Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder be more than just Vampire Diaries co-stars? Hottest (potential) couple ever. [Pop Sugar]

Lea Michele didn’t mean to make (Oscar-nominated!) Hailee Steinfeld cry. [Movieline]

Skins stars really, really don’t care what parents think of their show! [EW]

Speaking of Skins, James Newman is hot. Like, really, really hot. [People]

Any guesses who’s going to sing the National Anthem at the Super Bowl? More importantly, any guesses what she’ll wear? [TV Guide]

Looks like a Justin Bieber store won’t be happening after all… [Hollywire]

…but yay! His nail polish collection is expanding! If singing doesn’t work out, he totes has a back-up career. [Coco Perez]