Nina Dobrev Says G’bye to The Vampire Diaries Fam… from All of Her Characters

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2017 is going to hit you right in the feels. Several of your all-time favorite television series are coming to an end this year: Teen Wolf, Pretty Little Liars, Girl Meets World, etc. The one that’s getting to us at this very moment: The Vampire Diaries.

The show is currently in its eighth season, with the finale scheduled for March 10 — that’s so soon! And, apparently, everyone’s getting involved, including Steven R. McQueen, Kayla Ewell, Chris Wood and, of course, Nina Dobrev. Word of her return broke at the end of January, and it’s leaving fans even more anxious for the series’ conclusion. Even more so at this very minute, since Nina posted an Instagram message for the TVD family… signing off as all her characters, Katherine, Amara, Tatia, and of course, Elena Gilbert.

Read her tearful note here.