NikkieTutorials Confirms She and Boyfriend Split After Cheating Scandal

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Nikkie “NikkieTutorials” de Jager shares her incredible beauty skills online, but she stays much more quiet about her private life. That being said, the 24-year-old confirmed last night that she and her longtime boyfriend, whose name is Rick, decided to break up and that she has “been single for a while now.”

She tweeted, “You guys know I don’t like to talk about personal life too much, but I do want to let you know that I’ve been single for a while now ? don’t worry, still the best of friends and I’m excited for this new chapter in my life!”

The news of the couple’s split comes several months after rumors surfaced that Rick was cheating on the YouTuber.

It’s important to note that the beauty guru said she and Rick are “still the best of friends,” so even if the cheating allegations are true, it’s clear they were able to work things out, at least on a platonic level.