Is Nikki Reed Engaged…Already?!

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After only dating for three short months, Twilight star Nikki Reed, and ex-Idol contestant Paul McDonald, are going to tie the knot. We didn’t believe it at first, but People.com has confirmed that the two are most definitely getting hitched! Whoa!

Uh, why such a hurried engagement, guys?

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Well, apparently, Nikki has dubbed Paul “the one” and is totally smitten with his “warm heart and sense of humor.” So how did Paul pop the question? We’re not sure yet. But the couple showed off the gorgeous ring at the MTV Movie Awards last night! We think she looks cuter with Kellan Lutz though. Just sayin’.

What do you guys think about Nikki and Paul’s engagement? Too quick? Did you even know they were dating? Let us know in the comments!