12 Actors Who Could Play Nightwing in the Upcoming DC Comics Movie

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As we speak, there are more than a handful of DC Extended Universe movies in the works: Flashpoint, starring Ezra Miller, Cyborg, starring Ray Fisher, Gotham City Sirens, starring Margot Robbie, Wonder Woman 2, starring Gal Gadot, and more. So much to look forward to!

One that’s been talked about for YEARS but has yet to take off focuses on the superhero Nightwing (better known as Batman’s protegé, Robin, before he became independent). The character’s rumored to make his first appearance in The Batman, but has yet to be cast. So, naturally, practically every man in Hollywood is said to be up for the coveted role.

Supposedly, Ezra Miller was once rumored for the gig… but since he was cast as The Flash, we’re thinking that that’s NOT going to happen. Other names that were mentioned: Jeremiah Foster and Sean Pignatelli. We know what you’re thinking: “Who?” So, besides all those names, here are 12 actors who could play Nightwing in the upcoming DC Extended Universe film: