One of These Gay YouTube Couples Just Announced its Shocking Breakup

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Nicolay Sysyn and Austin Wallis went through a lot together during their 2-year relationship. In addition to dealing with everyday teenage issues, the latter was kicked out of his private school in February 2015 because he refused to hide his sexuality and delete his YouTube channel that supported gay rights. Through it all, the 19-year-olds stuck by each other’s side, but ultimately couldn’t make the romance work.

“It’s true; we did break up. We are broken up and it’s most likely gonna stay that way,” Austin explained in a YT video posted yesterday.

Although the couple was having problems and fighting for a while leading up to the split, they’re currently “fine” and are still on good terms.

“No one hates each other…we just had to decide what was best for both of us and we both had to come to the realization that we weren’t meant for each other…we think that things weren’t going to work out eventually and it was better to get out when we were still able to socialize and talk to each other like we were humans.”

The teenagers decided that blue-eyed cutie will have control of their joint YouTube channel from now on, but assures viewers that there are no hard feelings and the blond might still even make appearances in future videos.

Watch the full breakup announcement here:


Hopefully Nicolay and Austin will be like these former YT couples who filmed together after splitting: