EXCLUSIVE: Nicolas Cage Chooses Between One Direction & Justin Bieber!

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It’s the age ol’ question: Between Justin Bieber and One Direction, who would you choose? The answer’s always been a toss-up with readers — just look how close the votes were! — but, during our recent chat with Nicolas Cage, the Oscar-winner answers our updated version of the question, “Would you rather live in a cave with JB or 1D?” while discussing his new film, The Croods, where he portrays the voice of an animated caveman slash Emma Stone‘s father.

Nic, with little hesitation, responds, “Bieber. Well, I don’t know that much about him, but I think he’s got a great voice.” So, does that mean he’s not a One Direction fan? He adds, “I don’t know. I’m sorry, I’m not ‘au courant.’ I’m a little off-base here because I just don’t watch television. I’m pretty boring, I read books and listen to classical music, that’s about it. I have heard [Justin Bieber], by chance, on the radio, and he has a good voice.”

As for another topic fave, the subject of Twilight obviously came up. Is Nicolas a fan? “Yeah, yeah I like Twilight. I think [Kristen] Stewart and [Robert] Pattinson are great actors. I think they’re excellent.”

For more of Nic’s interview, including what it was like getting to know his Croods co-stars, Emma and Ryan Reynolds, watch our interview below. The Croods hits theaters this Friday, March 22!

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