YouTube Star Has Been Secretly Battling Chronic Illness for 5 Years

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Nicola Chapman, along with her sister Samantha, started the mega-successful YouTube beauty channel Pixiwoo almost nine years ago. The girls have since branched out to create their own line of makeup brushes called Real Techniques, as well. Basically, Sam and Nic are living the dream. But not everything that looks perfect on the outside is that way on the inside, too.

The 36-year-old emotionally revealed that over the past five years she’s been secretly fighting a chronic illness that actually took the life of her birth father — multiple sclerosis, “an unpredictable, often disabling disease of the central nervous system that disrupts the flow of information within the brain, and between the brain and body.”

“My biological dad died from an illness called MS, and he never gave me anything in my whole life apart from MS,” the makeup artist said through tears.

Nic first started showing symptoms of the chronic disease after went through a 55-hour labor to give birth to her first son, Harry. Doctors thought the vision loss that followed was optic neuritis, but years later, at the urging of a friend who is a doctor, she found out that it was actually a side effect of MS.

“I spent a week in bed crying,” she said of the days that followed the diagnosis. “I didn’t have a lot of energy anyway so I had to spend it in bed.”

Now, Nic says she doesn’t “feel sorry for [herself]” because she has learned to manage the disease and “live with it and [be] totally fine,” for the most part. She listens to her body and when she feels like she’s getting tired, which could trigger an attack, she slows down and rests.

“I sometimes get the speaking problem when I am run down, I can’t speak properly…It’s not that I can’t speak properly…My brain is just fuzzy and I can’t find the words to say what I want to say.”

The beauty guru explained that the type of MS she has is different to what her biological father passed away from, and, luckily, hasn’t had an episode in over two years thanks to clean eating, exercise, and getting a lot of rest.

You can watch the full video below:

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