Note to Self: Scream 4 Hottie Nico Tortorella Is Not a Fan of “Overly Emotional” Girls

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As if you needed one more reason to watch the scary movie everyone’s talking about, Scream 4, we’ve got one — Nico Tortorella. Nico plays Emma Roberts‘ boyfriend Trevor in the slasher flick and, well, let’s be honest — he’s hot. But also? We got to talk to him. Yup, be jealous.

We got Nico to spill on why girls are attracted to jerky dudes, which Scream 4 co-star he’d date in real life, and the scariest thing about girls.

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Teen.com: Your character, Trevor, is kind of a jerk. Were you the guy that was a jerk in high school or were you on the other side of things?
Nico: I was absolutely on the other side of things. I was an athlete growing up and then I made the switch into theater which is a go-to, uh…it’s just asking for people to make fun of you when you grew up as an athlete. And so it definitely was harder in middle school but once I hit high school I met a group of people that were all doing the same type of thing.

Teen.com: So you think meeting people with similar interests can help you feel better about yourself if you’re feeling left out?
Nico: For sure, and be able to make fun of yourself in a way and don’t necessarily take it all too seriously. That’s where the real relief from all of that comes.

Teen.com: Why do you think girls are drawn to guys like Trevor? Guys who are kind of mean?
Nico: Oh man, because every girl likes to fight as much as every guy does in terms of working for what she wants. When it’s too easy it becomes boring.

Teen.com: Should girls date guys like that?
Nico: It depends on the type of girl. If she can handle it then go ahead and have some fun – be an a-hole right back. That’s always a fun game to play.

Teen.com: You play Emma Roberts’ boyfriend. What’s something about Emma that we may not know about her?
Nico: She gets scared very, very easily. She’s one of the most frightened people I know. It’s a 24-hour thing (laughs). Any little noise and all the lights need to be on all the time, and weird phone calls and weird people. Freak her out.

Teen.com: Out of all the girls in the movie — Hayden, Emma, Aimee, Lucy — which one would you date in real life?
Nico: Probably Emma. It’s just in terms of compatibility. Hayden and I are very much so head-on types of people. I love her to death but we go at it every once and a while. Emma and I, we kind of understand each other in a lot of ways and if one’s going full-force with something, the other will step back and let the other person go and vice versa.

Teen.com: Interesting! Have you ever had a full-on fight with Hayden?
Nico: It’s been like petty little stuff where we both need to win or be right all the time. When you get two people like that who are working together all the time, it can be a struggle. But it’s all love, you know, it’s all good.

Teen.com: So the Scream movies are all about a scary phone call. Have you ever had a breakup over the phone?
Nico: When I was younger, for sure. I hate breaking up with people and that whole world is just something that I hate dealing with. But no. I haven’t broken up with someone close to me on the phone in a very long time. I’ve only had a few great relationships…

Teen.com: In the trailer, Kristen Bell has this line, “there’s something scary about a guy with a knife who just snaps.” What’s the scariest thing about girls?
Nico: About girls? Hmm…the ability that they are able to snap at any moment, and it can be completely unannounced and left-field…it’s scary. They’re overly emotional but for no specific reason.

Teen.com: So for people who may not have seen the original Scream trilogy, why should they see this one?
Nico: I don’t think that necessarily you need to have seen the original movie. Just expect to be scared and expect the unexpected all the time in this movie. Constantly.

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