Nicki Minaj Sued by Stylist for Stealing Thousands of Dollars Worth of Clothes

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Nicki Minaj is being hit with a major lawsuit and no, it has nothing to do with her ongoing feud with Cardi B. It is, however, related to fashion.

According to a recent filing, the rapper has found herself in some boiling hot water after a former stylist sued her for roughly $74,000. The reason for this legal action? Well, it was all because the 35-year-old didn’t return the clothes he provided for her to wear AND she reportedly didn’t pay him for his services.

According to TMZ, Maher Jridi — the man claiming to be Nicki’s stylist back in 2017 — said in the lawsuit against the “Barbie Dreams” rapper that he dropped thousands of dollars to rent clothes for her for various events. But, since she failed to return the items, he got stuck with an even bigger bill than he had anticipated.

nicki minaj sued stylist


The lawsuit stated that a company called Cloak Wardrobe came after the stylist for nearly $13,000 to replace the clothes that he rented for Nicki and never returned. On top of the $13k that he had to pay out of pocket to rectify this situation, Nicki allegedly never paid for Maher’s styling services and owes him cash for that, too.

Maher also claims that the celeb “created a serious financial hardship” for him and even revealed that he tried to resolve the matter out of court, but Nicki and her team ignored him. Yikes.

As of now, Nicki has yet to speak out on the matter. We all know that has not shied away from speaking her truth as of late, especially when it comes to her beef with Cardi, so even though she hasn’t said anything at this moment, something tells us it’s only a matter of time before she responds to the stylist’s claims.