Nicki Minaj’s Most Chilling Look Yet! Did Halloween Come Early?! (Pics)

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W magazine

From the editors that brought you glam Kristen Stewart — yes, we said it, glam! — we present to you… creepy Nicki Minaj! We don’t really think that the W mag eds had this planned when they created Nicki’s new look, but we’re actually completely terrified of her most recent spread. Her eyes are wide open, from far away it looks like her face is cut, and she’s just not her normal bright self. Again, we don’t think it was intentionally scary. But yikes!

So why the sudden change in her appearance?

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According to W,

“In her performances, Minaj makes very explicit and ­challenging use of her beauty and her body, so [we] thought of comparing her to some of the most famous [madames] in history. [The] idea was to reproduce four iconic portraits of some of the most fascinating females of the past in a series starring an American pop-culture role model.”

Oh. So that explains it. For more creeptastic photos, take a peek below: