Did Anyone Know Nicki Minaj Can Actually Sing? Cause, Uh – She Can!

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The usually rap-tastic Nicki Minaj must be taking cues from her tour bud, Britney Spears, because her newest single “Turn Me On” is like no Nicki we’ve heard before. In her second collab with David Guetta, NM actually shows off her real singing skills. As in, no rapping whatsoever. And she nails it! Girl, why have you been hiding this for so long?!

Peep some of Minajesty’s new lyrics, plus listen to her latest beat!

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“Make me come alive.
Come on and turn me on.
Touch me, save me life.
Come on and turn me on.
I’m too young to die.
Come on and turn me on.”

Anyone else ready to hit up the club the school dance? Are you loving Nicki’s new sound, or do you prefer her usual rap skills? Sound off in the comments!