11 Totally Crazy Life Lessons You Could Have Learned from Victorious

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It’s been two years since Nickelodeon’s hit show, Victorious, went off the air, but we still can’t get it out of our heads. Although the show was totally awesome and had an amazing cast including Victoria Justice and the super talented Ariana Grande, there are some things that don’t add up. In fact, Victorious was full of bad life lessons that you might have missed.

If you thought you learned some pretty strange lessons from Gossip Girl and The Vampire Diaries you will be even more surprised by what Victorious preached. From breaking up with your BF because of peer pressure to singing all the time, these lessons are absurd.

1. Singing all the time is totally normal. OMG, this is NOT normal. Life isn’t one giant episode of Glee!

2. Dating your BFF’s ex boyfriend is a good idea. When Cat dates Daniel (who is Tori’s ex) everyone involved thinks it is such a great idea, when in fact it is really awkward and leads to a lot of drama. Just don’t date your friend’s exes, it makes life a lot easier.

3. Playing with a dummy won’t get you made fun of. Okay, so Robbie does have his problems throughout high school, but playing with a dummy is oddly accepted by his friends. Even though it’s great that they support him, in a normal school he would definitely get made fun of for being so strange. It’s not nice, but it’s reality.

4. You should break up because of a game. No! When Beck and Jade breakup in season three because of being ranked “worst couple” it is so dumb. Just because other people don’t think you’re a good couple doesn’t mean you should listen to them. Trust your heart above all else.

Tumblr (teendotcom)

Tumblr (teendotcom)

5. Painting your high school locker is allowed. Sadly, this is SO not the case. How cool would it be if you could actually paint and design your own locker?

6. Success in music is easy. The music world is really hard to break into, yet the kids at Hollywood Arts seem to luck into really great musical situations. It’s SO unrealistic.

7. Living in your parents driveway isn’t bizarre. Yes it is! What parents would allow their child to live in an RV on their driveway? This makes no sense.

8. Having a frenemy is cool. Yes, Tori and Jade’s relationship is fun to watch but why would you be friends with someone who doesn’t really like you? Friends should like each other, duh.

Tumblr (thegiflibrary)

Tumblr (thegiflibrary)

9. Cool guys are attracted to mean girls. How does this work? Sure Jade isn’t all mean, but she is not very nice, yet she gets Beck, who is the ultimate hottie. In the real world, nice guys don’t usually like the super mean girls. Nice girls get cute guys, too!

10. School is a breeze. Even though the crew is at an art school doesn’t mean it would always be so fun. Sadly, school is NOT as fun as they make it look. Come on, they have a costume making class in high school, that is way cooler than physics.

11. Sharing everything about yourself online is totally safe. The Slap is the ultimate social network for Hollywood Arts, which is super cool, but not something you should recreate in real life. All the teens at the art school share practically all of their life details online, which in today’s society is very unsafe.

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