Calling All Magic-Lovers! You’ll Definitely be Obsessed w/ Nickelodeon’s New Show

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Soooo… we’ve been keeping a pretty big secret from you guys for quite some time. Back when we went to the set of Nickelodeon’s Make It Pop for the second time (#humblebrag), something else pretty incredible was going on — Nick was secretly filming a brand-new show, and we got to see it first hand before anyone even KNEW about it! (#humblebrag part 2). But now the cat’s out of the bag, and we can officially talk about our time behind the scenes of your new favorite series, The Other Kingdom!

“The show takes place in two worlds — the real world that we live in and a magical world where all things trolls, fairies, giants, etc., exist,” Esther Zynn, the show’s main character, told us. “My character Astral is a fairy princess, and her family rules in her kingdom and she’s next in line to be queen, but she’s always had this great fascination with the real world and what it means to be a human. So, she comes to the real world for 90 days and finds out what it really means to be a teenager. She makes two new best friends, Morgan and Devon, gets a first crush, Tristan, and she just kind of learns what it’s like to navigate high school.”



Sounds AWE-SOME, right? We know! Spoiler alert: It is awesome. Now, back to what Esther said about Astral’s crush… Tristan is played by young actor Callan Potter, whose big eyes, dirty blond hair and adorable smile will have you swooning in no time at all.

“I play Tristan, who is the new kid at school,” Callan explained. “He’s a gymnast and he’s really athletic. At face value he’s the cliche jock, but as the season progresses you learn a lot more about him and see his deeper sides. It’s really cool how you can see him develop.”

So, now that you know about Nick’s two newest stars, let’s talk about the moment they found out they’d join the likes of Ariana Grande, Victoria Justice, Josh Peck and more actors who came before them.

“I was making waffles for lunch and I remember I got a call and my agent was like, ‘Congratulations, Astral!’ At the beginning it doesn’t really hit you; I wasn’t sure, but I had a good feeling, so I was pretty calm at first. And then the next day I was walking down the street and randomly I started dancing; it hit me a day later! It was kind of surreal,” Esther said with a huge smile.

And, as expected, Callan was equally as pumped to learn he booked the role. “I was doing an acting gig, actually. We were in the conference room getting ready for everything, and I got the call and I had to excuse myself to take it. I went in the other room and he told me and I just would not stop smiling for two hours. It was amazing!”

But Callan and Esther aren’t the only two stars of The Other Kingdom — let us introduce you to Taylor Adams and Celina Martin, who play Devon and Morgan (Astral’s BFFs), respectively.

“I was at the mall, in line to get Subway, when my agent called me and said, ‘Taylor, you may want to sit down,’ the brunette cutie said about finding out he got the gig. “So I sat down in the middle of the food court and she told me. It didn’t really set in at that point, but eventually I did a victory dance.”

Celina also had to keep her excitement to a minimum, because she was in public at the time she found out, too! “I was in Asia on vacation and my agent called me. I was at the airport about to go to Thailand, and he said, ‘Celina, I have bad news.’ And I’m like, ‘Okay, I didn’t get the part.’ And he’s like, ‘You’re gonna have to leave your family, because you booked the role!’ I freaked out!”

Whew — that was a lot of information, we know, but we just can’t get over how pumped we are to see the magical world of TOK come to the small screen! To see the magic for yourself, be sure to tune into The Other Kingdom on April 10 at 7pm ET!

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