6 Pairs of Nickelodeon Stars That Didn’t Get Along in Real Life

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A few days ago, we gave you guys a look at all the Disney Channel co-stars who may’ve played nice on TV, but didn’t get along in real life. But that suddenly got us thinking: What about the actors who worked on Nickelodeon? Was it all sunshine and roses behind the scenes, or did they have some scandalous feuds of their own going on?

Well, after a bit of digging, we found out that there were quite a few Nickelodeon stars that weren’t so friendly with each other IRL, too. A few were a bit shocking, while others were just not surprising at all. For instance, it’s no surprise that Drake Bell ended up on this list, considering the fact that he’s kind of notorious for dissing people who are extremely famous and not really liking anyone.

But anyway, it’s always heartbreaking to find out that your favorite stars don’t get along in real life. If it were up to us, all co-stars would be best buds and treat each other like family, just like they do on TV. However, we can’t always get what we want, and people can’t always get along (talk about unfair). Check out these six pairs of Nickelodeon stars that actually had a feud in real life: