The Make It Pop Cast’s Scariest On-Set Moment is Not What You’d Expect

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A lot has happened since we visited the set of Nickelodeon’s Make It Pop last year; the show got HUGE, the cast was everywhere and Megan Lee dyed her hair bubblegum pink! Whew. And while it’s only been about seven months since we last saw a new episode of MIP (no, the holiday special doesn’t count), it truly feels like FOR-EH-VER. But good news, Nick fans who are losing patience — there are just two more days until season 2 of the show premieres on Nick, and we have something INCREDIBLE to hold you over for the final countdown: another set visit!

That’s right! We made the journey back up to beautiful Toronto, Canada a few months ago and get an exclusive, behind-the-scenes look at all things Make It Pop season two. The sets! The performances! The costumes! The cast! It’s all here, people. Keep reading to see what surprises are in store for XO-IQ, the thing that absolutely terrified the cast, secret obsessions, and tons more!


Season 1 had a great fan response, so we know season 2 will be bigger and better. Can you give us a brief summary of what people can expect from it?
Erika Tham: “I think season 2 takes what the fans loved about season 1 and elevates it. In season 2 all the characters have found their footing and are more comfortable with themselves and their environment. You see a little bit more into each character’s journey. I know with [Louriza], Jodi is more working toward fashion.”
Louriza Tronco: “Every girl kind of has their own independence now, which is really cool. I think it will reach out to a bigger fan base, as well because there are different aspects than just singing and dancing.”
Megan Lee: “First of all, we ended season one with a crazy cliffhanger: is the band going to get back together?! That’s basically the theme of the whole first half of season two. It’s really crazy because we have a whole batch of 23 songs and 43 production numbers, so it’s really crazy. We have a whole different dynamic of music and fashion. The fashion this year is so sophisticated and everyone looks super fresh.”
Dale Whibley: “The music has so many more layers and it’s got more depth. Fans of the show who’ve enjoyed season one will enjoy it more coming back, because it still has the same thing they loved about Make It Pop, but it’s just on a different level.”

In the last episode we saw, Caleb faints when he meets Nick Cannon. Is there a celebrity that you may faint in front of if you meet?
ML: “Taylor Swift; I love her to death. She is my current role model, and has been for the past couple of years. I look up to her so much as a person and an artist. She is the ideal women, I think. She is so independent, strong and fierce, and yet so humble and grounded.”
DW: “I try to keep myself pretty chill. If I’m going to meet someone, I like to try not to go to crazy, but internally? I think meeting some cool DJs like Skrillex would make me freak out on the inside.”
LT: “Jennifer Lawrence. I would either faint or talk to her the entire time.”
ET: “Yeah, I feel like Beyonce, too. She’s literally Queen B. I don’t think I would faint, but I would probably be really excited.”
LT: “I wouldn’t know what to say! Maybe, ‘I like your face?'”

Almost everyone here has had to have on-screen kisses for the show. Is that scary? What kind of prep goes into them?
DW: “It was definitely a super scary moment! Our first kiss was my first-ever on-screen kiss. There was a whole crew and it was the first kiss of the show, so it was very tense. I was like, ‘Louriza just kiss me! Get it over with.’ Eventually, she just kissed me and it was more relaxed. I love Louriza, she’s like a sister to me. She makes me feel very comfortable as an actor. We know that it’s our job, and I can’t picture doing it with anyone else. I couldn’t picture doing it with anyone else.”
LT: “It was funny, because Dale and I had the first kiss of the whole season. We’re really good friends, so every time we saw each other before the kiss, we’d be like, ‘The kiss is this week! I’m going to eat a bunch of garlic before I kiss you.’ He’d be like, ‘I’m going to rub a bunch of cats all over my face because you’re allergic to cats.’ Then, when we got to the actual scene, we just kind of stopped and were like, ‘We’re so nervous right now. This is so scary!’ There were so many people watching us, we were like we should just kiss and get it all over with and out of our system. So, we just quickly kissed without that many people seeing.”
ET: “I think it was fine for me. There’s no romantic sense in any of it when it’s on camera. It’s so carefully constructed and so much work put into it, so any sense of romance or any awkwardness is taken away by that. You talk to your co-stars and the directors. I think the most awkward part for me was when we first had to it when we were blocking the scene, and there were about 70 adults staring at us as we work it out.”



Fans have obviously been super dedicated to you guys and your show, even though it’s fairly new. Have you had any crazy fan encounters?
ML: “I’ve had some little girl cry once. I think she was around ten years old. I had her come up to me because she wanted a picture. She was so nervous, she started crying. I felt so bad, because I thought I scared her. Seeing how emotional she was made me feel so touched.”
DW: “I had a girl freaking out and crying. I thought she was upset, because she was sobbing. She would not stop crying! There are also a couple of Mrs. Whibleys on Twitter (laughs). I feel like at the age range of our fans, it’s something that’s thrown out there, which is funny. It’s cute.”
LT: “Not really. I have a lot of fans asking for where they cans end fan mail, which is really sweet of them. My manager tends to get them from her office. I haven’t been home, so I haven’t been able to read them, but it’s so sweet that fans would take the time out of their day to do something like that. The fact that they appreciate us makes us appreciate them.”

Switching subjects a bit, are you guys binge-watchers of TV shows? If so, what?
LT: “Yes!!”
ET “Sometimes…when I find one that I really love. The last show I binge-watched was Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey (laughs). It’s all about the birth of our universe and the birth of science.”
LT: “And I’m here like, Orange is the New Black!”
DW: “I LOVE Doctor Who. It’s so good. The best part is if you invest in a show, you can binge in two days. I watched all nine seasons and it was so good.”
ML: “I’ve binge-watched The Vampire Diaries, but because of filming, I haven’t been able to watch the latest season.”

The CW

The CW

Our readers love TVD! What are your thoughts on Nina Dobrev leaving the show?
ML: “I know! I don’t know how I feel about it. I’m not finished with the latest season with Nina in it, and I don’t know how it’s going to work. She’s so great as Elena. What about Stefan and Damon?! Oh my gosh. I’m going to cry.”

Who do you ship?
ML: “Damon and Elena, hands down!”

Make It Pop season 2 premieres on January 4th at 7pm ET on Nickelodeon.

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