7 Times Nickelodeon Actors Feuded Hard With Disney Channel Stars

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Ever since we were kids, a tiny part of us suspected that there was an ongoing battle between Nickelodeon and Disney stars were feuding with each other. Why? Well, because both networks were competing for the same audience and major stars from these were never ever spotted together in real life. So we figured, ,hey, there must be some kind of secret feud going on here!’ And we weren’t the only ones who thought so.

The rumors got so out of hand that former nick star Victoria Justice had to set the record straight. She told E! News, “There’s not really any beef with either one of them. You just kind of go to different events sometimes, and I don’t know, you’re kind of in different circles, I guess.”

Okay, so that pretty much settled the false stories, but our suspicions weren’t completely off track, because other Nickelodeon stars like Ariana Grande and Amanda Bynes have definitely clashed with DC in the past.