7 Former Nickelodeon Stars Who Totally Shaded the Network

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Nickelodeon is a completely kid-friendly network, but it’s definitely NOT free from drama and scandals. For starters, there are way more Nick on-screen BFFs that totally hated each other in reality than you’d imagine. Plus, we can’t forget about the station’s former stars who went from innocent child actors to filming sex scenes for movies. Yep…

But no matter how hard actors and actress work to break free from their Nickelodeon personas, they have to remember one thing — the network got them to the place they are today. (We’re talking to you, Ariana Grande! So when your favorite Nick celebs decide one day that they’re ~too cool~ for the network and actually throw shade at it, we cant help but shake our heads. Scroll through our list below and see which popular stars dissed Nick, their co-stars and their TV shows.