8 Celebrities Who Were on Broadway Before Making it Big on Nickelodeon

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The red carpets, the award shows, the thousands of followers and the designer-label clothes are just some of the perks of being a Hollywood celebrity. As fans, we get to see our fave celebs do some of the most incredible things that us mere mortals can only dream of doing. While they definitely have seriously fun lives, being a star is tough work.

It can take YEARS of going to auditions, having call-backs and being a part of canceled TV pilots before you might make it big, and that’s still a huge might. Someone can even do work as a background actor for years before getting a role of their own — who could forget how many times we saw Austin Butler was an extra on Zoey 101 and iCarly before he finally got a leading part on The Carrie Diaries?

While some people wait for their big break in the same field, like movies or singing, others show off their talents by doing a little bit of everything. It’s no secret the the most successful people in Hollywood are triple-threats (dancers, singers AND actors), so we rounded up some of the biggest names who actually starred on Broadway before they made their name known on a Nickelodeon television show. There have been a TON of celebs who showed off their talents on the biggest stage in the world, and even more who tried their hand at it after they already found stardom.

Broadway is just as competitive as Hollywood, if not even more, so the fact that these stars made their debut at such a young age is seriously impressive. While we knew that our beloved Victorious cast knew how to hold a tune, we had no idea that others knew how to wow a live audience to such extremes!