6 Nickelodeon Stars Who Filmed Sex Scenes After Leaving the Network

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Some Nickelodeon stars will always be known for their beloved roles; sorry, Miranda Cosgrove — you’ll eternally be Carly Shay to us! But then there are others (we’re talking to you, Emma Roberts) whose TV pasts are SO far from our memory that we almost can’t even picture them as cute, innocent little Nickelodeon kids. Just as their Disney channel counterparts did, a lot of Nick stars took giant leaps away from the network by — you guessed it — diving into raunchy sex scenes after their shows ended. ‘Cause you know what they say — nothing says ‘grown up’ like some hanky panky!

No, not all of the following actors and actresses actually got nude on camera post-Nick, but sometimes the inference is more than enough. Click through the gallery below to see all the former Nickelodeon stars who proved they weren’t little kids anymore by doing the dirty on camera.