Your Love for Jurassic World is About to Get a Whole Lot Bigger

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Marvel’s The Avengers took home the #1 spot on the list of 2012’s highest-grossing movies, beating out popular films such as The Dark Knight Rises and The Hunger Games by more than $175 MILLION at the domestic box office. So when the sequel, Avengers: Age of Ultron, hit theaters earlier this year, its creators expected another home run. And it did extremely well. HOWEVER, as of this moment, it’s actually at #2 on the list of 2015’s most successful flicks. The movie to beat it (by more than $192 MILLION): Jurassic World.

Though the jury’s still out on whether or not the Chris Pratt-led film will hold its own on the very top (considering Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens has yet to hit theaters), it’ll still go down in 2015 history as one of the biggest blockbusters. So, with the upcoming Blu-ray release, we wanted to know more about the megawatt movie. And who better to ask than one of its leading stars?

At New York Comic-Con 2015, we caught up with 20-year-old cutie Nick Robinson, who portrays Zach, Bryce Dallas Howard‘s on-screen nephew who visits her with his younger brother, Gray (Ty Simpkins), while she works at the renowned theme park known as Jurassic World. And he gave us the behind-the-scenes scoop on the big-budget flick:



When the first one came out, you obviously didn’t see it. (The original hit theaters in 1993; Nick was born in 1995.) Did you know the scale of what you were signing up for?

“I looked at it as a big adventure. I wasn’t exactly sure what I was getting myself into at the time. I knew that it was going to be a huge, massive budget and big blockbuster. Just a big studio film, good food… I didn’t expect quite the scope or the scale that it turned out to be. I’m glad that people have responded to it in a seemingly positive way. It’s just been crazy. I think that goes back to Colin [Trevorrow, the director] and his vision for it. He worked really close with [Steven] Spielberg to make sure everything stayed true to form with the original and it was honestly one of the smoothest filming experiences I’ve ever been a part of. It just went off without a hitch. It was one of those things that seemed like it almost couldn’t go wrong if you tried. It felt good from the beginning.”

Was that a difficult experience for you to work in a world where some of the things you were interacting with weren’t even there?

“Yes, it was and something I’ve never done before. I was up for the challenge and knew what I was signing up for. I knew it was going to be a lot of CG work and green screen. I was actually pleasantly surprised at how many practical sets there were. The only thing you had to really imagine was the dinosaur, which made it a lot easier. You’re not just standing in front of a green screen pretending to be in a jungle with something chasing after you. You really had stuff that you could sink your teeth into. It was a lot of fun.”

One of the scenes that was most nail-biting in 3D, in our opinion, was when you are jumping off the waterfall with the Indominus rex coming after you. For you, what was the scene that you either loved seeing come to life on the big screen or filming-wise?

“That was pretty cool. That was really fun, actually. That would be a top contender for Most Fun to Shoot. You’re in Hawaii on a waterfall and they’re like, ‘Jump!’ It was really fun. Also, as far as fun to shoot, there was one when we are in the back of the van and the doors are closing and the raptors are coming. That was fun because I felt like a little piece of me inside — the child inside — felt like going for the barrels and tossing them at him. That was probably the most fun to shoot and to see it come together, either those establishing shots or the Tyrannosaurus rex coming after us was cool.”

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Universal Pictures

Besides the dinosaurs, how were your human castmates?

“The humans were good. They’re good humans and yeah, I can’t say anything bad about any one of them. Colin was the captain of the ship the whole time and just locked everything down. He knew exactly what he wanted and had almost like the look of a man possessed; he had this glint in his eye. He didn’t look crazy, it was not a man possessed; it was a man on a mission. He was there to make something great and I think he succeeded for the most part. Chris is a really, really great dude and really fun to work with. He’s got one of the best senses of humor out there. Bryce was going to school while she was filming and giving me tips on everything from dating to school to acting to life. Ty and I just got to hang out and be brothers. So, yeah, a lot of good humans and a lot of good times.”

There’s been news of a sequel film. Have you heard anything about it? Do you think your character go back to that world, even after almost dying so many times?

“If they bring the park back, that’s like a Darwin Award or something. Like, why? That would be terrible *laughs*. I think they they’re going to have to take the franchise in a new direction, which will be exciting and we’ll have to see what happens with that. I don’t know if I would be a part of it or not. It will be a wild ride, you’re going to know that regardless. They’re going to have to come up with something newer and bigger and scarier and more teeth. Chris and Bryce I’m sure would be a part of it. It would be cool to see.”

Jurassic World is available on Blu-ray starting October 20. For more juicy details from our interview with Nick Robinson at NYCC, including his thoughts on his next awesome project, The 5th Wave, click here.

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