19 Dirty AF Tweets to Nick Robinson That’ll Make You Gasp

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Nick Robinson has been killing the YA book-turned-movie game lately. With the 5th Wave and Everything, Everything movies already released in the last couple of years, not to mention Love, Simon coming out later this month, he has been building up quite the fanbase for himself. But considering his movies tend to be on the sweet, PG-13 tear-jerker side, we’re absolutely SHOOK by some of the things his 106,000 followers dare to say to him on Twitter — especially since the 22-year-old rarely ever logs on. (Don’t believe us? Get this! He has only tweeted a whopping total of 45 times since creating the account in January of 2016. LOL).

While he only uses the site to talk about the importance of voting in the presidential election and publicize all of his upcoming movies, his fans go on social media for VERY different reasons. They choose to write Nick the most NSFW messages ever that, TBH, he probably doesn’t ever see. But we’ve seen them, and we’ve got to say… they’re somethin’ else. He may be younger than Colton Haynes and in much tamer movies than Michael B. Jordan, but his fans still manage to hold their own in the dirty tweets department. So beware — because the rest of this post is definitely not for the faint of heart.

We wonder if the actor ever thought he’d be getting such X-rated stuff sent his way when he was starting out doing projects like Melissa & Joey and Disney Channel‘s Frenemies


2. Wow, what a good one.

3. Um, care to explain?

4. Maybe you could just keep that one to yourself next time.

5. Nice try.

6. That was real smooth.

7. LOL.

8. Good to know.

9. Haha, DEAD.

10. Come again?

11. That’ll be a hard pass.

12. No, no, no, no.

13. Be right back, barfing.

14. …or not.

15. Nah.

16. Cool story, bro.

17. How about NOPE?

18. O…K…

19. That gets an A for effort.