Nick Jonas Admits He Really Wants To Get Naked (Again)

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If you needed more proof that Nick Jonas is all grown up…wait a sec; why the heck would you need any more proof? Did you SEE those almost-naked pictures?! Anyway, NJ just released TWO brand-new songs, and they’re taking his hotness level up about 100 notches.

The first, “Wilderness” (which you can listen to above), is a super funky track that kinda reminds us of Justin Timberlake meets Maroon 5. With lyrics that read, “Naked as the day we were born/ Did you know it could feel like this?/ I’ll take your body back/ take it back to the wilderness,” it’s obvious that Nick’s not trying to hide his sexiness.

“Teacher” is much funkier and has an undeniable classic 70s vibe. Think of it like this — if Nick was to do a duet with Michael Jackson, “Teacher” would probably be the end result.

Between these songs, “Numb” and all the other new music we’ve heard from Nick, it’s safe to say his new album is going to be UNREAL! November 11, PLEASE come rightthissecond!

Nick Jonas Straight Up Lied To You All!