A Day After Confirming Engagement, Nick Jonas Reveals He Wants Kids

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Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra‘s relationship went from zero to engaged in a matter of weeks, so it makes sense that the 25-year-old is already thinking about the future. Just one day after the “Find You” singer confirmed his engagement, he admits that having kids is definitely something that’ll happen in the future.

“[Having a family of my own] is the goal,” the former Jonas Brothers member tells Cosmopolitan. “It’s definitely something that I hope will happen.”

nick jonas wants kids

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Older brother, Kevin Jonas, has two young daughters with wife Danielle, and while Nick says he isn’t sure when he’s going to start a family exactly, he wants to give his nieces cousins sooner rather than later.

“I am not sure of the exact timeline, but, I need to give my nieces cousins at some point,” he admits.

NJ is very close to his nieces, Alena, 4, and Valentina, 1, and one look at his Instagram page proves just how much he loves them.

“The best part about being an uncle is that it’s like training wheels,” the singer says. “You get to spend time with these young people and have some responsibility, which is nice.”

Friend John Varvatos thinks Nick will make a fabulous dad because “he is great with kids.”

The designer reveals, “He’s like a magnet to them. They latch right on. It’s amazing. He’s great.”

So, can we expect baby Jonases running around soon? MAYBE!