22 Times Nick Jonas Was Puberty’s Greatest Success Story

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Little Nick Jonas is all grown up! The former JoBro is 22 years old today, and while we’ll always known him for his shaggy curls and quiet persona, there’s one thing we can’t deny — NJ got hot!! From the moment he posted that infamous shirtless selfie, a switch flipped and things got steamier by the day.

So, to celebrate Nick’s b-day, we’re honoring him in the only way we know how: 22 of his hottest moment EVER, all expressed in GIFs. You’re welcome.

1. When he bit his lip.

2. When he made a sexual innuendo.

3. When he drank water.

4. When he casually scratched his nose.

5. When he stripped.

6. When he stripped again.

7. And one more time.


8. When he entered a room like this.

9. When he was giddy on stage.

10. When he wore these sunglasses.

11. When he was sleepy but smiley.



12. When he tried to draw a picture.



13. When he did push-ups.



14. When he laughed with his brother.

15. When he was a good older brother.

16. When he licked his lips.

17. When he worked out in a restaurant.

18. When he released his “Chains” music video.

19. When he got really into a song.



20. When this happened on stage.

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Sad Girls’ Guide

21. When he licked his straw.

22. And when we got invited to the gun show.

You’ve Never Seen Nick Like This Before…