Nick Jonas’ Nipples Aren’t the Only Parts of Him That Are Red & Puffy

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It was spring 2015 when pictures surfaced of a shirtless Nick Jonas with nipples the size of sliced bologna. Here they are for reference:



They were circulating so much, that Nick was actually asked about them in an interview. Awkward. So, while on The Kid Kraddick Morning Show, the “Levels” singer was prompted about the worst interview he’s ever been a part of, which he was more than happy to answer. He said, “There’s this picture that traveled around the Internet — it’s fake, but I think a lot of people think it’s real for some reason, and it’s me at the beach and I don’t have my shirt on and my nipples are humongous in the picture, and they made ’em look so big — and this guy in Germany was like, [in a German accent] ‘Why are your nipples so big?’ thinking it was real. And I was just like, ‘Let’s get some better questions.'”

However, while his enlarged & reddened chest was Photoshopped, there are other parts of him that are actually red & puffy, and you didn’t even realize it ’til right now. We, ourselves, only recently took notice of them because of Vanity Fair‘s recent dramatic reading of Justin Bieber‘s “Sorry.” Do you see them? You don’t need to look too closely.

Vanity Fair

Vanity Fair

Like, look at those ears! And, just in case you think this is just us talking out of our butts, fans have taken notice, too:

Apparently, this has been going on long before you realized. This tweet’s from last month:

These are from over a year ago:

Even before that:


Bet you won’t be able to unsee them now.

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