Hot Guy Alert: Joe Who?! Nick Jonas Is The Real Hottest JoBro. Just Look!

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We know all the attention is on Joe Jonas and his new single right now, but can we please take a second to look at his little bro, Nick?! Great. Because Nick has been chillin’ in NYC the past few days promoting his collab with Quaker Chewy Superstar Search, where he’s basically talent scouting for the next big major pop star, and OMG does he look stifflin’.

But enough about how he looks. What kind of talent is Nick scouting?!

According to MTV, Nick is looking for:

“Somebody with the overall star power and star qualities of Willow Smith, with the artistry of a Greyson Chance, who is really talented, and then — I’m trying to think…Like a really little Nick Jonas!”

Oh, and P.S., the winner of the competition wins the chance to record a song produced by Jonas himself, an online music video, a contract with Jonas Group Management and $5,000 in cash. Not too shabby.

Do you think Nick is a hottie? Think he’ll find the next Willow Smith/Greyson Chance combo? Tell us in the comments!

Oh, and PS, stay tuned for our exclusive interview with Nick!