Vote! Who’s The Hotter Hairspray Hunk, Zac Efron or Nick Jonas?

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JB fans, are you ready? We just heard that Nick Jonas is set to hit the stage in L.A. this summer for a role in Hairspray the new Broadway Musical! Nick will be playing the part of super hottie Link Larkin. Ya know, the same Link Larkin that Zac Efron played in the Hairspray movie in 2007?

And they’re both so hot as Link, we can’t decide who’s hotter…

What do you think of Nick being chosen to play Link Larkin in Hairspray? Do you think he’ll do the part justice? Share with us in the comments, and vote for the hotter Link Larkin below!

Oh, and Ps, Nick will only be on stage as Link for three days, August 5-7. So book your tickets fast, kids!