People are Thirsty AF for Nick Jonas After Seeing His Muscles at the BBMAs

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When you think of Nick Jonas, you probably remember him as the skinny kid with curly AF hair and big nipples who got famous with his older brothers thanks to Disney Channel. But it’s been a long time since the 25-year-old was that little scrawny boy from the Jonas Brothers, however, and he’s making sure the whole world knows it.

The “Anywhere” crooner showed up to the Billboard Music Awards wearing an outfit that perfectly displayed his huge arm muscles, which he has clearly been working on recently.

nick jonas muscles bbmas

Steve Granitz/WireImage

Sure, he could also be mistaken for an Olive Garden waiter, but DANNNNNNNNNG!!! People are shook by his toned look and are, in turn, thirsty AF for some of those pepperoni nipples biceps. Like, so thirsty that his name started trending on Twitter solely because he looks like a snack.

Nick eventually got wind of people’s reactions and tweeted, “Y’all are cracking me up… thanks for all the love.”

Listen. Nick J has been a #diabeticinshape (cue the photo that broke the Internet back in 2013) for several years now, so WE BEEN KNEW, Y’ALL!

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