Nick Jonas is Making a TV Cameo Tonight! And He Hopes It’s Not His Last

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Wednesday nights are usually a total bore because there’s nada on TV, but tonight’s a major exception. Nick Jonas is guest-starring on the new ABC sitcom Mr. Sunshine and he’ll be playing a bratty, beautiful rock star. Nick must be a pretty good actor, because he’s nothing like that in real life. Except for the beautiful part.

Watch this cute interview, and find out what other show he hopes to guest star on!

As we reported yesterday, Nick really, really wants to snag a spot on Glee and recently told TVSquad, “That cast is really talented — it would be fun.”

We agree — Nick Jonas on Glee would be so much fun. Are you listening, Ryan Murphy? Let’s make this happen.

But in the mean time, tune in to Mr. Sunshine tonight!